Emphasis is placed on understanding the underlying causes of your emotional pain, not just the symptoms.

Treatment Approach

Dr. Hands draws upon a rich array psychological research, approaches and experience to assist in the understanding of the underlying causes of emotional distress. He views symptoms as emotional messengers that have important stories to tell. Learning about these stories and their emotional meanings is an important step in the direction of lessening and the ultimate elimination of psychological symptoms and emotional pain. Through cognitive and insight oriented therapeutic approaches, focus is directed on problems related to the unique life circumstances that are associated with relationship issues, self-destuctive life patterns, trauma, anxiety, depression, personal loss, insomnia and work related difficulties.


Dr. Hands’ expertise is working with individuals, couples and families experiencing especially challenging life situations. For 25 years Dr. Hands has provided non-judgmental assistance to individuals by addressing conscious and unconscious blocks that can lead to years of Self-Destructive behavior and silent emotional pain. Once the causes and effects of personal challenges are understood in their proper context, a new sense of freedom and control occurs empowering healthier life choices- turning years of pain into a positive outcomes and meaningful life change.

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Teletherapy Services Available


  • Self-Destructive Life Patterms
  • Chaotic Relationships
  • Anger Management
  • Teletherapy
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addiction/Substance Abuse
  • Trama/Loss/Grief
  • Self-Esteem / Self-Worth
  • Sexual Addition/Porn Addiction
  • Marriage Counseling
  • Relationship Counseling

Non-Judgmental focus on your unique life circumstances drawing on insight, cognitive behavorial and relational approaches

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